Lady Bakes

dessert jess

If there’s one thing I LOVE it’s sugar. I know that’s really bad and I shouldn’t be promoting unhealthy living, but I just love it. Desserts, baking, chocolate, cakes, biscuits, chips, lollies – I can’t help myself.

If you come to my house don’t ever expect a meal from me (that’s Mr. Lady Breaks job), but do expect some sweet sugary thing to be on offer.

I find baking to be so relaxing and therapeutic, you can be creative and get a sugar hit at the same time – what’s not to love? I am literally one of those people who looks at the dessert menu first, and who would prefer to eat dessert first.

So I thought I share what I am trialing in the kitchen this month.

I’ve always loved my Nanna’s cheesecake, and I make it religiously all Spring and Summer every year. It’s so simple and easy and nice. Anyway after seeing a layered version on Bake-a-Boo, I just had to try it out for myself.

This is how it turned out. Not as perfectly wonderful as Bake-a-Boo, but fun for a first attempt.


Bake-a-Boo individually flavoured each layer, which I chose not to do for taste reasons, but next time I want to try and get the layers more even and a little thicker.


After eating this cheesecake Mr. Lady Breaks suggested trying to do a swirly one. So I did. I just treated the cheesecake like a marble cake and swirled the colours together.


Personally I think I would have preferred the colours to be more pastel, especially after Mr. Lady Breaks told me that it looked like the imaginary food in Hook (!), but it will definitely be something I try out again.

Wishing you a very sweet weekend, and thanks for all your support in the first week of my blog!



Puppy Love


Firstly, apologies if you don’t like dogs. Secondly, why wouldn’t you like dogs?!

My Bandit came to me on Mother’s Day 2008, two years into my infertility journey.

Mother’s Day is generally a fairly difficult day for me – not only am I confronted with what I so obviously lack, but I am also reminded of what a ‘reward’, ‘blessing’, ‘inheritance’, ‘gift’ and so on children are. And of course they are, there’s no denying it, but it always makes me think that I haven’t worked, prayed, or fought hard enough to deserve such a great reward. And then I think of all the jerks who abuse their kids and the logic gets all screwed up again.


So anyway in May 2008 I received my first and only Mother’s Day present. Mr Lady Breaks pulled a lot of strings to find me the dog of my dreams – a French Bulldog – for a (somewhat) affordable price. Bandit basically lived on my lap for the first few months, whether I was at driving, working, or watching lectures at uni, which was exactly what I needed. Of course then he grew too big and slobbery for lecture theatres, but he’s never grown out of wanting to be constantly by my side, drooling all over me.

Bandit came and helped heal a gaping and growing hole. No, he’s not a baby, and never will be, but he is a loyal, kind and loving distraction. He is an endless pit of love, slobber, farts and strange yodelling noises who keeps me company every day. He is naughty, loud, allergic and a little OCD, but he is also something to love and care for, and he is a lot of fun.